Over the Rainbow: playing Wizard of Oz with the Wicked Witch Spats

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. We must be over the Rainbow!”

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This project is based on the Wizard of Oz Ruby Shoes, the main concept was to use the shoes to connect with your friend in a playful way.

Wizard of Oz is all about making new friends and discovering the old ones, friendship is the key message of the tale. If you are lost tap your shoes 3 times and a GPS signal will trigger a SMS to your friends with your location. Hope they are going to rescue you. Since the shoes couldn’t fit everyone I decided to make the Wicked Witch Spats so everyone could wear it.

With the Spats you can play a locative game in the urban landscape. The play consist of minimum 2 participants: Wizard Oz and Dorothy *but more people can play. Dorothy will wear the spats and get lost around the city and with a mobile application Wizard of Oz and the others characters are going in an adventure around the city to find the lost girl. The clues with the location are going to be triggered by the spats.

Here is the demo video:

The Wicked Witch of the East Spats from Louise Lazzari on Vimeo.

Another demo video – this time with Toto around the spats

Over the Rainbow: Playing Wizard of Oz with the Wicked Witch of the East Spats from Louise Lazzari on Vimeo.

And click here to see the presentation.

exhibition in helsinki _ Prima Materia; art & science

Recommended to check out this exhibition:

Prima Materia

Location: Tiedekulma – Aleksanterinkatu 7, Helsinki.
Duration 22. November – 13. December

Laura has there 2 wearable works; A Unit (2 prototype versions) and Evidence. They take the starting point in science research that investigates human health and its relation to green areas. (more in the venue at Tiedekulma / Helsingin Yliopisto… (and later on more on her website)).

    works: laura beloff 2012

making boxes with lasercutter

Here are couple of box-making softwares that help you to easily design your box parts.

http://boxmaker.rahulbotics.com/    Online program that creates a pdf of the parts.

The other possibility is to use Inkscape and Box-maker extension for it, which you can find here http://hackaday.com/2012/07/26/box-maker-extension-for-inkscape/   I have used also this extension (on mac)  and it worked out fine.